REMINDER - DEC 1st, 2011
please come out in support of the studio
the entrance to Sent(a)Mental Studios - Denver

... an evening in support 
of Sent(a)Mental Studios

Time - Thursday, December 1 
7:00pm - 10:00pm
Location - Denver Open Media
700 Kalamath, Denver, Colorado

We would be honored to have you join us for this event in fierce support of Sent(a)Mental Studios. And look at this fabulous lineup:

Evening includes music from DJ Stadt and performances from LadySpeech and Seth Donovan, Architect and Bearsnail

Suggested donation of $5-$15 at the door

some more information about 
Sent(a)Mental Studios -

Sent(a)Mental Studios, founded by Dylan Scholinski, provides open studio hours and 1-on-1 sessions with various youth to reclaim their creative voices. 

Many of us in community know Dylan and have probably been to the studios before or have seen art from these projects. If you have, then you probably left touched by the power of the work the youth create. And maybe you thought of your own life and how vital it is to have voice for your survival, and to have places where you could find that voice and nurture it.

Sent(a)Mental Studios is one of those places in our community. Dylan is one of those folks who makes it happen, even when he doesn't always have the funds he needs. 

Sent(a)Mental Studios has been entirely volunteer run and funded since it's inception, and is now is need of support from the community. Your donations will go directly to keeping this project running, purchasing supplies and making sure that youth in our community can continue to access this space. 

A lil bit more about what happens at Sent(a)Mental Studios:

1. The Sent(a)Mental Project is a collection of creative works - about, by, or for individuals or groups affected by suicide.

2. Sent(a)Mental Studios – Youth Project provides open studio hours and 1-on-1 sessions with various youth to reclaim their creative voices.

3. The Mental (St)ealth Project is a collection of creative works by psychiatric survivors.

More info at

students making things happen
sent(a)mental studios is being used more than ever... now with 2 locations and even more youth accessing the studios... we really need your support.

won't you please help fill the studios with the supplies it needs?

please make a donation today !!!

mail check or money order to - 
sent(a)mental studios
PO Box 2537
denver, co 80201

or donate via paypal
direct to studio using

thank you in advance!
love, dylan


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